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- Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister

    Many adults have goals, plans or dreams for their future - some kind of work they would like to do, a job they would love to have, or a career in a field that may require a college degree...

    But it is just at this point - thinking of how to go about getting their college degree - that many people set aside their dreams to find a better job or pursue a more personally fulfilling career...

    The Good News is that  THERE HAVE BEEN MANY CHANGES
in Higher Education in the past decade, and


    This article lists information on ALTERNATIVE COLLEGE OPTIONS for getting your college degree.   These degrees can often be accomplished much faster and may be a lot less expensive than attending traditional, formal college classes on a College or University campus.

The information is presented in two steps:

Step #1: Take CLEP Tests - Instead of Taking Classes!

      CLEP TESTS     

Why not "TEST OUT" of the Traditional "Basic" College Courses?

    It really does NOT take a rocket scientist to pass a CLEP test!   You need only show that you possess a solid working knowledge of a particular area of study or class subject curriculum.   (Minimum passing CLEP scores range between 46-60% for various Subject Exams).

    Plus, you can take them at whatever rate is comfortable for YOU!  ...Maybe stretch them out over the course of 2-3 years while you're waiting for your young child to begin school full-time...

    CLEP tests are developed by the College Board - the same group that creates the SAT tests - the most widely used college entrance exams.   They offer CLEP testing as an alternative educational option, with tests available nationwide at various colleges.

  CLEP tests have been successfully used by students for many years.

    Costs are very inexpensive - running approximately $46 for each CLEP test, plus a $20 administrative fee charged by the local college where it is given.   (This covers their costs for scheduling, administration and grading your test).

    - CLEP Tests are scheduled on an individual basis   - You call THEM to arrange the date and time, when you are well-studied and ready.

    - CLEP Tests last from 90 minutes to 2 hours, with test questions being mostly in a Multiple Choice or Yes/No format.

    - CLEP Tests may be taken by anyone who is age 16 or older.   You do NOT need to have a HS diploma or GED.

    - A practice test CD and booklet are available from CLEP for around $20.

    - Many good CLEP study guides are available at your local library, and at new or used bookstores.


BE SURE TO  CHECK  FIRST  with the College(s) which you plan on attending, so that you can FIND  OUT  EXACTLY  WHICH  CLEP  TESTS  THEY WILL ACCEPT FOR YOUR SPECIFIC PROGRAM OF STUDY!

Don't unwisely invest your time and money!
Find out FIRST exactly which CLEP Tests will count towards your Degree!

    ... More information may be obtained, and you will find assistance locating a local testing center near you by visiting their website at:

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Step #2: Complete Your Degree while you continue working Full Time!


Enroll in one of the Degree Completion Programs offered in your area!

Usual admission requirements to qualify for Degree Completion Programs are that you already have the equivalent of 1 1/2 to 2 years of College Credit (either regular College Classes and/or CLEP tests), AND that you meet the specific admission requirements for that particular College or University's' Degree Field.

    Degree Completion Programs are offered by many accredited Colleges and Universities.

    Since the introduction of the Degree Completion Program concept in the early '90's, more and more colleges are offering an ever-expanding variety of degrees and fields of study.   This is due to the growing popularity of Degree Completion Programs among Adults desiring to complete their College Degrees while continuing to work full time.   Degree Completion Programs are a new Alternative College Option that accomodates working adults enabling them to accomplish their college-degree or career life-goals.

    Typical Educational Formats include:

    - A Class "Cohort" of 15-25 students, who go through the entire program together.

    - One scheduled class meeting per week, held on the same weeknight, lasting for 4-5 hours.

    - Lots of self-study during the week: reading, writing papers, doing research, etc. 

    - Teamwork is encouraged for groups or paired-team projects or studies, both in and outside of class.

    - Subjects are covered in 4-6 week blocks - You focus exclusively on one subject at a time.

    - Program durations last from 16-24 months, and are non-stop, (with only a 1-week Christmas break).

    - Attendance is also required for at least one monthly Saturday all-day seminar, on the Colleges' main campus.

    - Weekly classes are held in rented classrooms in nearby Community Colleges, High Schools, or at other public buildings.
       (Your Professor commutes to YOUR town, rather than vice-versa).

    - Degree-Completion Programs are considered "full-time" College.   As a result, you can qualify equally with traditional students to obtain Guaranteed Student Loans, Pell grants, and a variety of Scholarships !!!

    Each College offering Degree Completion Programs has one or more majors or degree programs available.   These are in endeavors such as: Human Resources Management, Business Administration, Elementary or Secondary Education, and many others.

    Even advanced degrees, such as Master's MBA Degrees are now being offered in the Degree Completion Format.   Check with the Colleges of your choice for a listing of their Degree Completion offerings.

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Online College Degree Programs

ALWAYS be SURE that these are FULLY accredited
BEFORE enrolling or investing any money for admission, tuition, etc...

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