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How to use the Wizard of Jobs:

The Wizard of Jobs consists of two main parts:

First are the many helpful Articles by the Wizard of Jobs, covering everything from Alternative College Options (How to Save Thousands of Dollars and get through College Faster), to Life Pizza (Finding a Job that Fits You).

It's All of the Wizard's Best Tips, Tools and Innovative Ideas - All in One Place!

Secondly, there is the Golden Brick Road Web Portal, which is the World's Largest Collection of College, Career and Employment weblinks, designed to assist people of all ages and backgrounds in discovering and planning for their future success in life.

These Links are updated and added to every other Month, so unlike many other Internet Link resources, when you click on a Golden Brick Road resource link, it will Work for you!

The Wizard of Jobs is NOT a Resume or Job-Posting website.
It is a Practical "How-to" place for Information, Encouragement and Advice to Students, Workers and Career-Changers.

So use these Resources, and Read the Articles.
Take advantage of the Wizard of Job's expertise.
Go out and Enjoy Life's Successes and Blessings!

Why the Wizard of Jobs is FREE:

    ...Because I understand how tight finances are when a person is unemployed, and believe it or not, I truly want to help other people out!

    ...Because I believe this site will be SO helpful, most people will tell others about the Wizard of Jobs, and there'll soon be thousands of people using it.

    ...Because I believe that once I've Helped You, You may want to Join Me in helping other people out!

    I Hope what you Find Here will Really Help You Out!

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It took over four years just to build the Wizard of Jobs, and it takes countless hours a month
to keep more than 5,000 links up-to-date... and to keep adding more content to what's here.
There are also webhosting costs, software costs, computer equipment costs,
and all the normal costs it takes to run a small business...

      What I am Hoping is, that through the Generousity of People like You,
I will be able to devote myself to work on the Wizard of Jobs full-time.

Note: The Wizard of Jobs is NOT a non-profit or Charitable Organization,
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Read Useful Articles and Ideas on getting by Between Jobs,
Finding a Job that Fits You, Alternative College Options,
Finding Lost Wages, and more.

Find Colleges, Scholarships, Grants and Financial Aid information,
continuing education, CLEP tests and re-training programs.

Look for Work, Search for Jobs, Explore Careers and Occupations,
and chart your own course for success.

"The Wizard of Jobs - There's NO Place Like WORK!" TM

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Just Follow the Golden Brick Road...
to find everything you need for School, Career and Jobsearch Success!

The Golden Brick Road is
the World's Largest College, Career and Jobsearch Internet Link Library,
with over 5,000 categorized weblinks!

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This website is dedicated to all of those people who are busy doing the toughest Job of ALL...
Looking for Work!

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Golden Brick Road
the Golden Brick Road
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