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Small Business Resources

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Small Business Resources

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13 tax strategies for small businesses

2007 Federal-wages - States, Capitals, Info and Links

A Safe Trip Abroad - US State Dept. Publication

A to Z index - US Department of Labor

ABC NEWS - Personal Finance Calculators

Acronym Finder - Over 475,000 acronyms and abbreviations

Acronyms, Abbreviations, Initialisms on the Web

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act - Info and Resources


Advertising Age - Search Advertising

Age Discrimination Facts

Age Discrimination FAQ -

Alien Labor Certification Home Page - Oregon - Small Business Network

ALMIS Northwest Employer Database

American Government Index

American Society for Training and Development

America's Job Bank

America's Service Locator - Training Service Providers

Annual Reports - Free Online -

Ask a Librarian - Electronic Reference Shelf

Assignment Of Pre-Employment Works

Association of Small Business Development Centers

A-Z Index of US Government Departments and Agencies

A-Z Resource List - Gov't Resources Online

Background Check - Employment Verification Info

   BBB - Better Business Bureau

BBB - Business Lookup

BBC World Service - News in 33 Languages

Benefits and Assistance - Government Guide

   Benefits Terminology Glossary - Online Search

Best Practices for a Quality Age Diverse Workforce - Investment and Economy Info.

Building Good Business Relationships

Building Your Website -

   Bureau of Labor Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Regional Information Links - Business Link to the US Govenrment

Business Address Finder -

Business Address Phone Searches - Near an Address

Business and Economics Data and Links

Business Disaster Preparedness - SBA

Business English Online - E.L.

Business Financial Information

Business Guide to the Web -

Business Licensing Information

Business Locator - InfoSpace

Business Mail 101- USPS

Business Name Database Search - Oregon

Business Plans

Business Quizzes - SCORE

Business Referral Center - Oregon

Business Registration in Oregon

Business Research on the Internet - Company Information

Business Search Engine and Directory -

   Business Shareware Downloads -

Business Solutions - Mapquest

Business Toolbox - SCORE

BusinessWeek Online - Careers

California Employer Database - Search

Can Workers be held to a noncompete clause?

Car Cost Comparison Calculator - Tools and Resources For Financial Executives

Chamber of Commerce Directory - Worldwide

Charities and Non-Profits - Tax Info - IRS

Charities Database Search - Oregon

Checklist for Going into Business - SBA (.pdf)

Checklist For Starting A Business

Choose to Save - Financial Calculators

Christian Jobs, Online Employment Resources for Business

Commerce Business Daily (CBDNet)

Commercial Job Posting Sites

Communication at Work

Company Profiles -

Company Research

Company Research - News and Periodical Articles

Company Research on the Internet - Sales Prospects

Company Research on the Net - Professional Associations

Computer Crime in the USA

Confidentiality Agreement Template -

Consumer Credit File Privacy - Federal Trade Commission

Consumer Price Indexes - Cost of Living

Contact Local IRS Office

Contract Employee's Handbook

Contract Employment - Contractors, Consultants, Temps

Contract Worker's Bill of Rights

Corporate Research - Facts at Your Fingertips

Corporate Research on the Internet - Business Metasites

Cost-of-Living Wizard -

Credit card tricks

Credit Checks and Consumer Reports - Employers' Info

Currency Converter - CNN

Cyber Times Navigator - Internet Search Tools


Dictionary Of Occupational Titles Index

   Dictionary of Small Business

Disaster Assistance - Disaster

Disaster Help - FEMA

Discrimination and Harassment Resources -

DOL Poster Page

Do's and Don'ts for Getting Hired -

Dressing for Success

Earnworks - Hiring Workers with Disabilities

e-commerce 101 - How Much Should You Invest in Your Online Store?

e-commerce Hosting - Choosing an E-Commerce Host

E-Commerce Times

Economic - Economic Statistics

Economic, Public Policy and Statistics Links - Consumer protection agencies from 20 nations

EEOC - Cooling System for Age Discrimination

EEOC - US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

   e-laws - Employment Laws Assistance

Employees Rights Articles -

Employer Info Links - Business and Human Resources

   Employer Locator - Search by Occupation, State, City

Employer Resources - Link Exchange Program

Employer's Check Credit Reports - CreditMatters

Employment and Training Administration - US DOL

Employment and Training Service Providers

Employment Contracts and Compensation Agreements -

Employment Laws Assistance - for Workers and Small Biz

Employment Situation Summary - Last Month, US DOL

Entreprenuers Training Network - NxLeveL

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - US Government Export Portal

Favorite Interviewing Questions Employers Ask

Federal and State Government Tax Forms and Info - Links

Federal Business Opportunities

Federal Business Opportunity - Federal Contracts

Federal Business Resources

Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination - Q and A's

Federal Posting Requirements for Employers

Federal Regulations Search

Financial Calculators online

Finding Companies on the Web - Public Opinion

FMLA - Family and Medical Leave Act - Compliance Assistance

Foiling fraudulent credit card transactions - International 500 - The world's largest public companies

Forms And Publications - IRS

Fortune 500 Companies

Foundation Center - Helping Grantseekers Succeed

Franchise Works - Franchise and Business Opportunities

Franchising - IFA - International Franchise Association

Free Online Lookups - Business Resources


Glossary - Bureau of Labor Statistics - BLS

Glossary of Business Terminology - SBA

Google Web Directory - Employment

Government Contracts Assistance Program - Oregon

Government Links - Association of Small Business Development Centers

Government Resources on the Web

Grant and Contract Info and Applications - US Federal

Grant Foundation Center - Helping grantseekers succeed

GRANTS.GOV - find and apply for competitive Federal grants

GuideStar - research nonprofit organizations, BEFORE you give!

Health and Safety - OSHA, Info, Links

Health Insurance Deductions for Small Biz

High-Level Company Information

Home Business - Free Online Helpsheets

Hiring Discrimination - Legal Rights During the Hiring Process -

The Hiring Process - Legal Guidelines

   Home Business - Legal Forms, Guides and Templates - FREE

Home Business Information And Resources

Home Office Deduction - Small Biz

   HOOVER'S - Alphabetical Business Directory

Hoovers - General Business Publications Resources

Hoover's Online - Research Companies and Industries

How Much Are Your Services Worth?

How To Guides - Home Business Online

How-to-Guides - Money-Making and Small Biz Ideas

   HR Internet Guide - Links - HR

HR Links - Links To Valuable HR-Related Sites - Auxillium West

IAWP, International Association of Workforce Professionals

Idaho Employer Database - Search

Identity Theft

Identity Theft Booklet - FDIC (.pdf)

If I Only Had a Brain - Bogus College Degrees Exposed

Illegal Job Interview Questions -

Immigration Kit

Independent Contractor or Employee - Article

Industries Profiles -

Industry Research on the Internet - Industry Information

Inflation Calculator - CPI based

Info for Employers - US Citizenship - Immigration Svcs.

Internal Revenue Service

International Biz Research

Internet Business and Marketing - Articles and Tips

Internet, an Essential Household Tool -

   Internet Legal Resource Guide

Internet Search Info - CyberTimes Navigator - NY Times

IRS - Biz Info Index

   IRS - Tax Publications for Business

IRS - Forms and Publications

IRS - General Business Expenses Forms and Instructions

IRS - Order Forms and Publications

IRS - Small Business Self-Employed Resources

IRS Pub.583 - Starting a Biz and Keeping Records

IRS Tax Withholding Calculator

IRS-Pub535-Business Expenses (.pdf)

IRS-Pub587-Business Use of Home (.pdf)


Job Description Questionnaire

Job Description Writer - Interview Question Bank - Interview Questions - In Depth Index - Interviewing Tips, Mock Interviews

   Jobs Thesaurus - Look up Job Descriptions, Duties

Law - Practical Law - ABA

Legal Resource Guide

Library of Congress - Site Map

Losing or Leaving a Job FAQ's -


Managing the Media Guide (.pdf)

   Marketing and Advertising for a Small Biz - NASE

Mileage, Car and Truck Expenses - Small Biz


   Minimum Wage Laws - All 50 States - US DOL - by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

NASE - TaxTalk - Q and A

National Association for the Self-Employed - NASE

National Association of Women Business Owners

National Career Development Association

National Labor Relations Board

Newsgroup, Google - Biz

   NFIB - National Federation of Independent Business

NonProfit Research on the Web

Occupational Information Center - OLMIS

Occupational Outlook Handbook - 2006-2007

   Occupational Safety and Health Administration - OSHA

Office of Veteran's Business Development

OLMIS - Oregon Labor Market Information System

Oregon Business Services and Links Page

OPEN Small Business Network (SM) - American Express

Overqualified - or Age Discrimination?


PACE - Professional Association of Contract Employees

Patent and Trademark Links

Positive Approach to Older Workers (.pdf)

Procurement Marketing and Access Network (Pro-Net) at SBA

Real Hourly Wage Calculator

Recordkeeping for Small Businesses - SBA (.pdf)

Recruiting Sites For Freelance Workers -

Recruiters Networks Online - Comprehensive List

Recruiting Women -

Research Companies -

Research Company Information - Links

Research Links - US DOL

Retirement - Companies Target Retiree Benefits

Rip-off -


Safety at Work for Young Mothers(.pdf)

Salary Negotiation Information Links

Salary Surveys - Profession-Specific -

   Salary Wizard -

Savings Resources - Choose to Save

SBA - Business Plan Basics

   SBA - e-Business Institute - Online Courses

SBA - Small Business Administration - Alaska office

SBA - Small Business Administration - California offices

SBA - Small Business Administration - Washington offices

SBA - Small Business Administration online

SBA - Small Business Laws and Regulations

   SBA - Small Business Startup Guide

SBDC - Office of Entrepreneurial Development - Small Business Development Commission

SCORE - Counselors to America's Small Business

Secretaries of State - Links

Self-Employment at Any Age

Self-Employment - So You Want to Be Your Own Boss?

Self Employment Tax - General Overview

Seminar Information - Peterson's


Sitemap of Social Security Online

Small Biz Recordkeeping - IRS

Small Biz Adviser - Home-based business payoff at tax time

   Small Biz Development Center - National Information Clearinghouse

Small Business Administration

   Small Biz Development Center - Disaster Recovery Assistance - Hurricanes

   Small Business Calculators –

Small Business Calculators - Financial ratios

Small Business Finance Info

Small Business Info - Government Guide

Small Business Network -

Small Business One Stop Resource - IRS

   Small Business Resource Links - New Mexico SBDC

   Small Business Resources - Federal Business Resources

Sample Letters, Forms, Notices, Etc - for Small Business

Small Business Software - Shareware

Smart - Small Business Human Resources

Social Security Online

Society for Human Resource Management Online

Sole Proprietorship - Tax Talk

Start up Your Businesses with Blogs -

Starting a Business - Government Guide - Be Your Own Boss

Starting a Business Basics -

Starting a Business in Oregon

   Starting a Business - State and Local Resources

Starting a Small Business

Starting a Business - FindLaw for Small Business

Starting Up a Small Business

   State Employment Services - All USA Links

State Labor Offices - US DOL Links

   State Tax Forms - ALL States

State Workforce Agencies - Links

Statute of Limitations for Taxes

Stretch Exercises (.pdf)

Tax Information For Businesses - IRS

Tax Talk - for Small Biz - NASE

Tax Talk Limits on business equipment write-offs

Taxes - Business Resource Center -

Technical terms, glossaries and dictionaries - Links

Templates and Workshops for Small Business

The - Financial and Investment News

Thomas Register - Industry Answers Results

Tips for Avoiding Computer Crime

Top Ten Dot CONS - FTC

Trade Shows and Expositions - Search Directory

TurboTax - Tax Tips and Resources

Unemployment Insurance - Weekly Claims Report

United States Legal Code - Legal Information Institute

United States Government - Information Links

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

US Bureau of Labor Statistics

US Copyright Office

US Department of Labor

US DOL - Women's Bureau

US DOL - Women's Bureau - Articles

US Government Periodicals, Documents and Microforms(UTK)

US Gov't Web Sources (Louisiana State University Libraries)

US Mail - Postal Rates Charts

US Patent and Trademark Office

US Patent, Trademark and Copyright Legal Information - Official website for searching the US Government

USAJOBS - Employer Services

USA's Most Important Historical Documents - Our

USPS - Domestic Rates for US Mail

USPS - Business

Vault - Company and Career Information

Veterans' Employment and Training Service - US DOL

VIP - eMagazine for business information, products and people

VistaPrint - FREE Business Card Printing, Letterhead, More!


Wage and Salary Conversion Calculator

   Wages by Area and Occupation - US DOL

Wages and Benefits - Resources

Wages Information - by Topic - US DOL

Washington Employer Database - Search

Web Page Links - for Employers and Human Resources

Whistleblower Resource Guide - (Links at bottom of page)

Whistleblowing Disclosures By Employees - Oregon

Women Business Owners - Women-21.Com

Work-at-Home Business Resource

Work-at-Home Scams - BBB

Work-at-Home Schemes - FTC Facts, Article

Workforce Tool Kit - for Employers (.pdf)

Workplace Health and Safety Resources

Worldwide Chambers of Commerce Directory

World's Most Admired Companies -

XPDNC - United States National Organization Labor Links

YAHOO! - Small Business

Your Rights as a Worker

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