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Alternative College Options
Application Tips
College Costs
Cover Letter Template
Disability Discrimination Prevention
Finding Lost Wages
Help and Hope
Identity Theft Help
International Area Codes List
Internet Tips and Tricks
Job Search Secrets
Job Search Selection Process (Getting Hired)
Life Pizza - Finding a Job that Fits You
Resume Template (Skills-based)
Social Security Disability - Application Tips
Wage Comparison Chart

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Barriers - Overcoming Barriers
Boomers and Beyond - Mature Workers
Careers and Career Changes
Company Research
Cover Letters
Education and Training
First Job

Golden Brick Road Links
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Getting By - Between Jobs
Government Information
Government Jobs
Humor - Coffee Break
Homeless Resources
Job Boards
Job Search Resources
Keystroke Shortcuts (for MS Word)
New to the Computer?

The Golden Brick Road
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Re-entry Resources
Salary and Wages
Scholarships and Finincial Aid
Small Business Resources
Tools and Calculators
Tutorials to Learn Software
Unemployment Resources
Unemployment - Sign up - by State
Washington State

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Humor - Coffee Break


If They Only had a Heart
If I Only had a Job
If I were King of the Office

Wit and Wisdom, Employment -
Working for the Man

There's NO place like Work


The Golden Brick Road... is for Job-Seekers, Employers, Students or ANYONE doing Employment, Business, Career or College Internet Information Searches.

    All Links are organized by categories, cross-referenced and titled to make them EASY to use - even for persons unfamiliar with surfing the 'Net.

However, due to the nature of the Internet...
All listed web-links, (and any links found or accessed on these listed pages) CANNOT be guaranteed to be current, to be inoffensive, or to NOT contain objectionable or inappropriate material.

SO... when you use them, you assume all responsibility and agree to use them at your own risk.

If you DO find any BAD links or sites,
or if you have any NEW ones to suggest for addition,
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