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Immigration Resources

"We should embrace our immigrant roots and recognize that newcomers to our land
are not part of the problem, they are part of the solution."

- Roger Mahony

Immigration Resources

The Rainbow Always Brings You HOME!
..."As FAST as Lightning!"

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419 Scam Advance Fee - Lottery fraud numbers (USA)

Can a Russian woman find a job here in USA

Center for Immigration Studies


Embassies of other Nations to The United States - 34 Pages

Employer Information Bulletins - US Citizenship - Immigration Services

ESL Resources, Handouts and Exercises for Students and Teachers

Fiancee and Spousal Immigration Law Primer

Foreign Entry Requirements for American Citizens - Travel.State.Gov


Glossary of Terms - Immigration or Foreign Students

Green Card (LPR) - US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Green Card Diversity Lottery Information

Green Card Lottery Applications for USA Citizenship and Immigration Visas

Green Card lottery Information and Registration Service

H1B Visa

H1B Visa Program - Overview

How Do I Get a Work Permit - US Immigration


Immigration - Discussion Forum

Immigration - Green Card FAQs -

Immigration - Special Registration

Immigration and Naturalization Information Links

Immigration and Naturalization Service Forms, Fees, and Fingerprints - USCIS

Immigration and Social Security

Immigration Employment Law Articles

Immigration Information Discussion Forum

Immigration Information -

Immigration Information and Software

Immigration Kit

Immigration Legal Page - Laws and Regulations

Immigration of a Foreign Bride

Immigration Software - Immigration USA for Windows

Immigration Superhighway

Immigration to the USA - USCIS

Immigration USA - Personal Edition for Windows

Information on US Immigration issues - Rajiv S. Khanna


Jobs in the USA and Abroad - Student Guide USA

Living and Working Overseas -


Matricula Consular - Center for Immigration Studies


Paginas Informativas - Privacy Rights in Spanish

For personal assistance with Immigration issues,
please send an e-mail to GD Consultants at:

Privacy Rights


Social Security Online - Site Map

Travel - Adjusting to a New Environment Living in the USA

US Immigration Online - Green Cards, Visas, Forms

US Citizenship and Immigration Services -

US Department of State - USINFO

US Embassies and Consulates Worldwide - Links

US Immigration - National Customer Service Center

USCIS forms


Working abroad - Finding international internships and entry-level jobs

Working in the USA - Experiences of a European

WorldLingo Language Translation Solutions - Online translators

For more Information, or Professional Consultation regarding Immigration processes,
confidential questions, completing INS paperwork, etc.,
please send an e-mail to:

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