Getting Hired

The Job Selection Process!

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work."
- Thomas Alva Edison

Let's Take a look at the Process of Getting Hired...

      The Job-Selection Process.   The name itself gives Job-Seekers the perception that Employers are carefully screening through job applicants, thoughtfully considering which ones are the most qualified, and then finally Interviewing and hiring the very best candidate.

How perfect a working-world this would be, were this the case.

      From personally observing HOW most Job-Seekers actually are getting Hired, I have my doubts that there even IS much of a true Job "Selection" Process anymore.

Job-Selection seems to have degenerated, melting down to the lowest common denominator, to where it has actually become more of an "Applicant ELIMINATION" Process.

Hasta La Vista, Baby... You won't be BACK!
So, the next time you turn in your Job Application materials,
imagine you are giving them to Arnold Swarznegger,
the Terminator...

...and that He is going to try to find a reason to say
"Hasta la Vista, Baby"
to your chances for that Job.

That's the end of our Broadcast Day...

...Job-Hunting in today's world reminds me of the popular TV series "Survivor".

Only ONE Person is left at the end - and THEY Win!

...How?   By not getting ELIMINATED!

Hi! I'm BOB the palm tree... TAKE A COCONUT.

Or even compare the competition for getting a Job to that of the Olympics:
The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of NOT being Hired!
In the Olympics,
you can take 3rd place, and still win!

You're a Bronze Medalist, a hometown hero,
and everyone gives you at least 15 minutes of fame.

Same thing for taking the Silver Medal - you're still a winner!
This second place finish could get you on the front of the Wheaties box,
or even set you up with shoes for life!

But in Hiring Competitions,

Run Randy, rrruuuuuuun...

Second is as good as 2,000th
...since you still don't have the Job!

I GOTTA get AHEAD of this guy!

Because getting hired is so highly competitive, you simply should not go about looking and applying for job openings the same ways you used to!   Those methods won't work well for you anymore.

Yes, things have changed a LOT ,
and there are new rules for the Employment Game...

Either learn to adapt to these changes, or plan on the likelihood that you'll be out of work for a    L - O - N - G    time...



Be the survivor - Be the last one standing.
Win the gold, and get the job!

You're HIRED!
Today's Successful Job-Search is a Process
that takes a Lot of Time and Hard WORK!

With few exceptions, it is far easier to work full time at a regular 40-hour-a-week job than to spend the same amount of time conducting your Job-Search, trying to get yourself hired!

The Job-Search Timeline below
shows the typical steps in the Job-Search Process.

the Job-Search Timeline

So, why do some people NOT get Hired?

...Especially when they seem to be a much BETTER fit, MORE experienced, or more HIGHLY qualified than the Person who DID land the Job?

There are lots of possible Reasons...

To find out,
   Let's explore the Wizard of Jobs'

Job-Search Secrets   
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