Application Process Tips
for Social Security Disability

It's basically a 5 step process.

1.    Is the person making less than 800.00* per month? 

2.    Have they been medically diagnosed with a severe impairment? 

3.    Does their impairment count as a qualifying condition? 

4.    Can they handle the requirements of any work which they’ve done in the past?

5.    If they're under age 50, is there any job at all, of any kind that they can perform? 

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY Applicants must meet all 5 conditions.


    - If the person tries and then can’t handle work, that fact can be presented as evidence to support their claim.

    - Hearings Judges usually ask what the applicant has been doing to obtain work.

    - Most people who apply for SSI Disability get turned down the first time, (regardless of the severity or circumstances)!

    - Plan on it being a lengthy process...

There are two forms you should know about:

the Mental Residual Function Capacity Report and

the Physical Residual Function Capacity Report

    Both forms request information from medical and mental health professionals in a manner which they find comfortable.    Rather than merely asking, “Can this person work?” the form asks about specific capacities such as standing for 6 hours in the course of an 8 hour work day, lifting 10 pounds over their head, etc.

    Many doctors complete these forms for existing patients for about $30.00 - $40.00* each.

* At the time of this writing.   Dollar amounts are likely to change.

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