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"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many -
- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some".

- Charles Dickens

   From my own experience I know that there are few things in life more difficult than trying to survive between jobs...    And we all know that the hardest job of all is looking for a job!   Throw in a growing pile of unpaid bills, maybe a family that is depending on you... And you've got an incredibly stressful and volatile mix!

Having been in a similar spot some years ago (I was out of work for 11 long months), I want to help others learn how to successfully weather their own storms of unemployment, and sail on through to smoother seas and bluer skies...


   So How DO you Get-By Between Jobs?    Useful advice is to be found throughout the Wizard of Jobs' Website, but THIS PAGE is specifically designed to help you cope with sudden job loss, reduced or lost income, dealing with creditors, and many other of the harsh realities of Joblessness.

     This Resources, Tips and Tricks "Link-List" could make a BIG difference...    maybe enough of a difference to help you keep a roof over your head or food in your cupboards...

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No matter what your current situation, even if you're Homeless, I want to help motivate you to Keep Trying and Hang Tough!  Never give up!    Be Encouraged.  Keep your hopes up, don't lose your sense of humor.  Grab ahold of your Faith, and keep your wits about you!

Remember: "This too SHALL Pass"!   It did for ME, and I believe it WILL for You, too...

      My sincere efforts and prayers are with you...


   Help and Hope - Encouragement from the Wizard of Jobs

2-1-1 Help Finder

Accessing FREE Medication

An Introduction to COBRA - Continuing Your Health Insurance Between Jobs

Bartering - Managing Between Jobs (.pdf article)

Budgeting Calculator - Start your own budget

Consumer Credit File Privacy - Federal Trade Commission

Contact Local IRS Office

Credit Bureaus Sample Opt-Out Letter

Credit Card Company Tricks

Deciding What Bills to Pay First (.pdf)

Deciding What Bills to Pay First - Oregon State Extension Service

Economic Policy Institute

Employer Locator - Search by Occupation, State, City

Finding Work When You're Between Jobs

Food Stamps (USDA) - Pre-Screening Eligibility Tool

Free Tax Return Preparation

Government Benefits - - Search for Government Benefits

Government Resources on the Web

Health Insurance Coverage Options - Between Jobs

HIPAA - Your rights to health insurance portability

How to Move Forward When You're Between Jobs

How to reduce fraudulent credit card transactions

   Homeless Resources List - by the Wizard of Jobs


Hurricane Recovery Job Connection

If You're Between Jobs - A Biblical Perspective

Job Loss Help

Just suppose you lose your job

Layoff Survival Guide

Layoffs - What to Expect

Life Between Jobs Is A Challenge

Managing Between Jobs Article

Managing Between Jobs - EEESC - Oregon State Univ.

Minimum Wage Laws - All 50 States - DOL

Needy - Rx Assistance Information

Nat'l Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty

Personal Finance Calculators - ABC News

Setting Spending Priorities (.pdf)

Sitemap of Social Security

Social Security - Common Questions and Answers

Surviving Layoffs - Articles

Taking Care of Yourself Between Jobs (.pdf)

The Dollar Stretcher

Transition Assistance Online - for US Military - FREE

Unemployment Insurance - Weekly Benefit Calculator

Unemployment Issue Guides

Volunteer Match - Get Out - Do Good

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