Who IS
"the Wizard of Jobs"???


Who is that "Man behind the curtain"???

At this point, the 'Wiz chooses to remain anonymous. So, he actively maintains a "secret identity" which enables him to live an almost normal life.

It has, however, been rumored of late that he is ballooning or kayaking with his Munchkin friends somewhere near Auckland, New Zealand.

He has also been reportedly seen causing mischief at some beach resorts in Maui, Hawaii.

We here at HQ can neither confirm nor deny these reports. Actually, we almost never know where the Boss is from day to day, since the Wiz' does all of his business over the Internet.

He seems to just drop in unexpectedly from time to time here at HQ in the Emerald City… always with new ideas… so we all stay on our toes!

… At any rate, he is certainly busy - probably sipping a frothing latte… and surfing the 'Net right now via his satellite modem link-up… looking for more new resources to help us to all get better work, and to get better work done...

- the Emerald City Gatekeeper    

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