Many, many miles from nowhere lies the amazing
"Land of Jobs", an incredible get-work world created in the mind of one man.

Like rumors in a corporate lunchroom, the fabulous news of the Wizard of Jobs spreads from student to worker to employer, and out across the entire nation...

Let Me Help You!

Finally -
Everything you Need to Find College, Career and Employment Success,
all in One Place

"No more Wandering Around the Internet,
Wasting Your Valuable Time with endless Web Searches"...


...will Save you TONS of Time and Money by giving you Weblinks to the BEST FREE and Low-Cost Resources on the Internet.

...has Great Ideas for Marketing yourself to Employers.

...teaches you how to Research Careers,
and How to Find a Job that Really Fits YOU!

...will show you Alternative College Options - that can save you Thousands of Dollars and get you through College MUCH Faster!

- And the Wiz' shares his many other Wizards' Secrets with you...


- There will NEVER be any annoying popups or "nag" screens on this Website interrupting your work.

...And the Wizard of Jobs absolutely refuses to ever sell or give your e-mail address or customer information to anyone else!

Internet Magic!

The Golden Brick Road is
"the World's largest College, Career and Employment Link Library"

Currently there are 32 categories listing more than 5,000 well-organized web links,
with a new link category coming out once-a-month!

(ALL Links are updated at least every-other-month).


Applications, Barriers, Boomers and Beyond, Careers, College, Company Research, Cover Letters, Education, Ex-Felons, Finances, First Job, Getting by Between Jobs, Government Information, Government Jobs, Homelessness, Interviewing, Job Boards, Job Search, Military, Newbies (for New Computer Users), Occupations (Fields), Personal Security (and ID Theft Resources), Re-entry into the Workforce, Resumes, Salary and Wages, Scholarships and Financial Aid, Small Business Resources, Tools and Calculators, Tutorials (to Learn Software Free, Online), Unemployment, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington State

You Also Get the Wizard's Articles and Templates:

Application Tips, Alternative College Options, College Costs and Financing, Computer Tips, Cover Letter Template, Disability Discrimination Prevention, Finding Lost Wages, Help and Hope, Identity Theft Help, International Telephone Area Codes Chart, Internet Tips and Tricks, Job Search Secrets, the Job-Selection Process (Getting Hired), Life Pizza (Finding a Job that Fits You), Minimum Wages across the USA, Resume Template, Social Security Disability-Application Tips, Wage Comparison Chart


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