Have a Heart!


"If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain."
- Emily Dickinson

     Today there are thousands of people all around us going through job or life crisis.   For some it may clearly show on the outside, others may mask their pain or suffering so well that it becomes almost invisible.   But they are all people like you and me, who are going through extremely tough times.

  I am convinced that we all need two things to keep on trying and to find fulfillment in this life.

We need Help and Hope.

      The Wizard of Jobs is my humble attempt to help in a variety of ways - by providing ideas, tools and access to critical information that people need in order to find work, and to achieve success in the many facets of life.    To assist people to get by until they DO find work, there's FREE information, such as the Between Jobs - Survival Tips, the New Computer User Tutorials, and the Homeless Resources web pages.

"These are offered FREE to all."

      But, Help without Hope is only half a solution.    We also need Hope to carry on.   Hope that things can change, Hope that things will get better, Hope that you can feel like life is really worth living again.

I believe with all of my heart that there are still many Reasons for you to Hope...

     So why do I care?
What can I do to help YOU, and what does it matter if I do care?

Have a Heart!

     First, I have been in similar hard places in life; out of work, with a family to support, a broken heart and no money, feeling frustrated, nearly hopeless and frankly, angry...   I know what it's like to be turned down for a minimum-wage Janitor job at McDonald's.    I know how upsetting it is to be constantly rejected by Employers.    I've experienced how it feels to almost never land Job Interviews, and I even know what it feels like to be a person that has been unfairly Fired!

     Currently working on my second Doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks, I understand how tough life-circumstances like these can deeply influence our feelings of self-worth, and lead us in a downward spiral toward personal despair or depression,  and I also know what happens there...    Joblessness effects most other areas of our lives, and the lives of those people around us.    Yes, I too have been there, and today I truly thank God that I have come out the other end, where I am now experiencing a meaningful, fulfilling and productive life!

     Secondly, I am a person who realistically believes that Hope is possible in any and every situation, no matter how impossible or bleak the current circumstances may seem.    For I believe that God - the Creator of Life, deeply cares about each and every one of us, and that He is patiently waiting for each of us to honestly and humbly open our hearts to Him, to cry out to Him in simple faith and ask Him for His powerful help.

     Every moment, each heartbeat, and every breath there is given to us another chance.   Don't pass this one up!   Our Creator desires to comfort us in our troubles.    If we will only trust and rely on Him the best we are able, He will somehow, in some way provide for our needs.   He can give us wisdom and strength to endure our current troubles, and fresh Hope, Peace and Purpose for new changes in our Future.    We only have to ask Him, however best we can, in our own words, or silently in our hearts...

      Now, since I'm honestly trying my very best to advise, inform and instruct you to succeed, I would be failing in my service to you if I avoided mentioning the need that most people have for spiritual guidance and soul support during times between employment.    Yes, it may be Politically Incorrect to mention spiritual matters, but I intend to genuinely help you; and I assure you that (being a former Pastor), I am well informed on this of which I speak.    Now let's move on to other important matters.


     Once a person has been looking for work for more than a few weeks, it's very easy to become discouraged.    Especially if you're caught between jobs.    Those bills keep on coming after the paychecks have stopped!   You apply and apply, and nobody's getting back to you.    Your unemployment is dismally small (if you get any), and money troubles are knocking at your door.

Please Listen and Hear Me!    You can not afford to let yourself get really down, discouraged or desperate...   It is absolutely essential that you maintain a positive outlook about yourself and your job prospects, so that you will be able to come across as upbeat, confident and personable at an Interview!

     Recently, I spoke with a homeless man who was quite upset and obviously very deeply hurt.   I listened patiently as he poured out his problems and his pain.   But then I carefully told him that his voice and words came across as extremely hurt and angry, and that I felt he was in real danger of becoming bitter.   Honestly, I told him that if he does not deal with and resolve these issues, they could make it totally impossible for him to find any job, period!

     I tried to help him see that employers would be likely to feel alarmed or threatened by his words and attitude.   Interviewers would probably be totally turned off as soon as he began to share his problems.   They would be legitimately concerned that he'd become a problem on the job, at their company, if they hired him.

      It's not that these Employers are heartless and don't care, they just don't want to hire problems or problem-people.   The fact is that if we knew about all the stuff that Employers are having to deal with, we'd see that they have plenty of problems already.

     Believe me, it is nearly impossible to hide your hurt, anger or bitterness at a Job Interview!

Somehow it bleeds right on through.    Yes, you may be smiling on the Outside, but every pore of your being is silently screaming if you are hurt, angry, or bitter!    This will almost certainly blow you out of consideration for the job, every time!

     Who wants to hire an applicant who appears to have "problems"?   And it IS possible to get to a point where you are SO down that you unknowingly "give off vibes" that say "Help me!", or "I'm hurting!"

The best thing you can do is to try everything in your power to stay "up" and "positive".

     So, what do you do about any anger, frustration or bitterness you're feeling?   First, back up and try to get a clear perspective.    Understand that you are NOT the only one who has ever been in a spot like this!

     Realize that although there are many things you can not do, there are always some things you can do!

     There are always options or choices available, whether they are what you want to do or not.    These options may be a way to slowly improve your situation, and may eventually lead to helping you get where you want to go.

      Please pause for a few minutes right now, and ask yourself what advice you would give to a friend of yours who was in the same situation.   Now, write your thoughts down.    Please DO this!    You may surprise yourself with your own ideas!

      Next, as much as possible, I encourage you to make a determined effort to put the past behind you!    Realize the fact that you MUST learn to forgive others, yourself, (and maybe even God), in order to break free from your past.     I know how our feelings don't want us to do this, but if you can force yourself to forgive, YOU will be the one who becomes free!!!!    You are NOT in any way excusing or condoning others' outrageous cruelties, but by forgiving them anyway they lose their power to continue to hurt or control YOU!

Lastly, I suggest that you review every possible option, and make some choices.   You've absolutely got to keep moving, if you ever want to get out of the spot you're in!

Think through these choices listed below:

Refuse to Panic!

NEVER give in to Fear!

Re-examine ALL of your potential resources.

Reconsider ANY possible people, agencies or Churches for temporary assistance.

Plan ahead exactly how you'll conduct your daily and weekly work-searches.

Keep good, accurate records of EVERY part of your Job Search.

File away copies or photocopies of ALL of your Applications and Resumes.

Follow up on EVERY job-lead.

Check back periodically at EVERY place where you've previously applied.

Network with others for job leads as much as possible!

Spend time enjoying yourself, or with your friends or family
(You still need to "have a LIFE"!)

Remember - You can't effectively Job Search 24/7!

Keep Trying - STAY DETERMINED, and NEVER give up!

Suggestions on How to "Stay UP":

     Try to maintain as "NORMAL" of a life as you can in your situation.    This helps your family members cope, too.   Maybe you can't afford to go out to see the latest movie, but you could pop some popcorn and watch a favorite video instead.

     Treat yourself well.    You should reward yourself after a long day of Job-Searching.    You're now your own Boss, until you find another job.    Be good to you.    Call up a friend or relative.    Read a book.    Go to the park.   Go ride a bike.

     Spend time with people that make you feel good.    Think of the people you already know.    Some people make you laugh, or make you feel good just to be around them.   Invite them over, or go out together for coffee.

     Have Faith!   Get back in touch with God.  Pray.  Really.  He's still there, and wants to help you through this difficult time...  Get to Church.  Look for God.  Reach out...

     Laugh!  Laugh at the world around you.  Laugh at yourself.  Read a funny story or book.  Watch cartoons or comedy.   Visit my Wizard of Jobs' "Coffee Break" webpage for humor, encouragement or to read a great book!

      Stay Balanced.    Don't overdo the job-search thing!    Job-Searching 24-7 is WAY TOO MUCH!   Eight hours a day, five days a week is enough!    (But be sure to put in close to a full 40 hours a week while Job-searching!)  Take frequent breaks and get refreshed.  Recharge your batteries.  Don't try running on an empty tank!

      Eat well and get Exercise.   Exercise helps you cope with stress.    Eating right helps you keep you from falling into "stinking-thinking".

      Do Something to Help Someone Else.    Even a small courtesy or kindness helps you reconnect with your fellow man.    Caring and giving to others validates your self-worth, gives you a lift, and helps you to keep going.    Give of your time, open your heart, and be a friend to someone.    Maybe volunteer at a soup kitchen or Homeless Shelter.    Yes, there are still many people who are worse off than yourself...

Help Others!

      Team Up or find a Job-Searching Partner.    Job Hunting is the hardest job in the World!    So find someone else who's in the same predicament, and help each other out with Job leads, ideas, feedback and support.    You can help them, and they can help you!    Try this - it works...

      Realize that: "This too shall pass..."    Hard as it is to see when you're in the thick of it, life has a way of balancing out.    There are highs and lows, joys and sorrows, times of want and times of plenty.    Rainbows DO come after the storms!    Your Life will get better, eventually.    Hang in there, and hang tough.    You can survive!    You can get through it!    Things will get better and this rough season of joblessness will one day be but a fading memory...

      Be honest with Yourself.   If you are feeling down right now, getting discouraged, feeling unmotivated or even overcome by it all, be brave enough to admit to your own needs and reach out to get some help, right away!   Don't Wait!   Get ahold of a Counselor, a Minister, a family member, or a close and trusted friend.   There actually are still a lot of caring people in this crazy world... People like you and me... and I DO care, or I wouldn't bother writing these words to try to encourage you, or be going to all of this work to create the Wizard of Jobs website!

This Medal is for Your COURAGE!
(This Medal is for Your COURAGE!)

Believing the Best is Yet to Be,

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