Coffee Break - Humor and Encouragement

Let's play and relax a little bit.

Coffee Break
Humor and Encouragement

"I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it."
- Frank A. Clark

The Book Online:
the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum   (Public Domain since 1956)

Note: All stories below came from e-mail humor
sources.   Authors are unknown, but if you DO
know the author or source, please let us know.
We will then give credit or ask for permission to use.

Humor from the Internet
Authors Unknown

Balloonist Manager
Barbie (Updated)
Betting on a Sure Thing
Bread Warning!
Bye Bye Boyfriend
Cold Blooded Parrot
Cowboy's 10 Commandments
the Cowboy and the Preacher
the End is Near
First Grade Proverbs
Give a Dog a Job
God Brings Groceries
God's One-Liners
Good Puns
Hollywood Lessons

How the Software Industry Works
It's a Minimum Wage Job When...
Job Application Test
Kid's Lessons
Management Training (American Indian Style)
Microsoft Janitor
Odd Questions
Perfect Companions
the Potato Garden and the Prisoner
Safari Dachsund
Super Granny
Talking Dog
To Exercise or Not to Exercise

Inspiring Stories from the Internet
Authors Unknown

A Pebble
Be Thankful
Blue Ribbons
Buying a Miracle
Changing the World
Don't Look Back!
Easy vs. Difficult
Frogs Keep Swimming
Great Advice
the Greatest List
Great Thoughts
Harried Mom's Golden Moment
He Knows Your Name
I Choose Today
If You Stand Very Still
Job Description for a Mother
Judo Champion (Story of Faith and Endurance)
Lessons from a Tree
Life is Precious
Making the Most of Life
Move the Big Rocks First
"Ugly", the Tomcat
What Money Can Buy

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