About the Wizard of Jobs

"When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve."
- Napoleon Hill

The Wizard of Jobs is the result of a working lifetime of practical and professional experience, a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management, over seven years of Employment Recruiting and Placement specialization, and four years of thoughtful web-design.

Quite different from other Employment-Related Websites, the Wizard of Jobs addresses the many aspects of life that affect looking for and finding your suitable Lifes' Work - from the First Job, all the way through to well-earned Retirement.

The Wizard of Jobs
Does NOT post Resumes or Job Openings

Instead, you receive full Access to Thousands of Well-Organized and Easy-to-use Career, College and Job-Search Internet Resources.

Our many unique Articles, Tips and Creative Ideas are designed to assist you in achieving Personal Success for all of your College, Professional and Work-Related endeavors.

My philosophy is "to truly teach people HOW to fish",
... rather than shuffling them down the road
to sort through yet another pile of fish.

The Wizard of Jobs presents new methods to most effectively market yourself.  How to most professionally present your experience, training and skills in today's ever-changing job market.

... And of course, the Golden Brick Road will link you through to many other websites that offer resume-posting services and numerous online Job Opening lists.

...is "the World's Largest Link Library
of College, Career and Employment Resources"

the Golden Brick Road currently has over 30 categories
listing more than 5,000 well-organized web links.

(These are kept current and updated on a semi-monthly basis).

You CAN Save Time (possibly years) and Money (maybe tens-of-thousands of dollars)
getting your College degree!

- The Wizard will teach you how! -

    You CAN find Work you Like - that actually Fits You as a person!
- The Wizard will show you how! -

          You CAN Start Getting More Interviews!
- The Wizard truly can help! -

You CAN Get Past Job-Barriers, like:
“too old”
“no experience”
“too young”
“no green card (or work permit)”
“bad credit report”
“gaps between jobs”
“failed background check”
or even “fired”!

- The Wizard will show you how to get over, around or through most any Employment-Barrier, with your personal integrity intact! -

Yes, the Wizard of Jobs will share all this and more with you, and he even expects that you’ll have some fun using this Website!

What are you waiting for?    Come and Visit the Land of Jobs!
Take the Wizards’ Tour - and have a look around…

Just tap your heels together three times, and repeat after me,

“There’s NO place like work…, There’s NO place like work…, There’s NO place like work”…

...then click the Airplane below.

*Note: “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, L. Frank Baum’s classic 1902 novel, passed out of copyright and into public domain in 1956.   All characters and the original storyline are entirely his creation.   Numerous changes were made to the storyline in the classic 1939 film rendition, such as Dorothy's silver shoes from the book becoming the movie's famous Ruby Slippers.   Due to the movies’ great popularity (it has been viewed by more people than any other film in history) these storyline changes have entered the mainstream of popular culture, and are now generally acknowledged as the better known "Wonderful Wizard of Oz” story. 

Here at the Wizard of Jobs it is our humble hope to faithfully portray and integrate the timeless and thoughtful “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” story throughout our website, to effectively and enjoyably guide you through your travels and up over the Rainbow, to reach your own “Land of Jobs”…

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