Finding a Job that Fits YOU!

"I`d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate."
- George Burns

The LIFE PIZZA pictured above shows HOW MUCH TIME the Average Worker actually spends at Work.

That's Sixty-Percent of your waking hours as an Adult - You are at WORK!!!
(If you are working 40 hours per week).

The other slices like Family, Friends or Hobbies are different for each person, and usually change as we go through our lives, but the "JOB" slice stays about the same, 60%, all the way through...

So... 60% of your Time - 60% of your Life - you spend at WORK!!

A Sad Fact:

MOST people do NOT like their Job!

According to one study, 86% of workers Do NOT like their Job!

(Studies vary - but results on Job Dissatisfaction range from 60% to 90%)

However, there is a small percentage of workers who do like their Job!

Do they like Everything about their Job?

Probably Not... but they like MOST things about their Job, and they actually Look Forward to going to Work!

So...the Question is:
WHY do they like their Job?

For One Reason:
Because Their JOB "FITS" them, as a person!

THIS should be Everyone's Job-GOAL:
- To find a Job that Fits Them

       ...If YOU had a Job that really "fit" you as a person, you'd naturally perform much better at that job, which should logically lead to raises, promotions, more job opportunities and higher pay.

Plus, on top of that, you'd be enjoying what you're doing!
... Talk about a Win-Win!!

How To Find a Job that Fits You:


Ask Yourself these Questions:

What do I really LIKE to do?

What am I good at?

What do I enjoy?

What gives me personal satisfaction?

What gives me a sense of accomplishment?

What do I find meaningful?

What is fulfilling to me?

These are the things that make you uniquely YOU...
They are what "spins your fan".
These are things that truly MATTER to you in Life!

Imagine... IF You had a Job that MATTERED and was MEANINGFUL to you...

It would almost be like getting paid TWICE!

...Getting Paid Twice!    Do you like the sound of that?

Moolah, Frogskins, Greenbacks, Simoleans, Mazuma, Spinich, Wampum

Let's Look More Closely at Money

  - Notice that ALL Jobs pay you in $$$, but NONE of them really pay you enough - not when you look at getting paid for what it truly is...

Here's an illustration - a little role playing game.
It may seem a bit harsh, but will show you what I mean.

    I'll be the Employer, and you be the worker that I'm hiring.     Here's where I make you a deal.     I'll buy one hour of your life from you, for, oh, let's say $7 dollars.

Please note: You can never live this hour of your life over again.    You will do whatever I say, exactly the way I say.    I will essentially control your actions and your time.   I'll tell you "how high" to jump and "what color" I want.    That's just the way it is!  ... and either you'll do it, or you'll no longer be working!

    Now... take a moment to think about some wonderful life experience that you've enjoyed.    Maybe recall the best hour of your life, or whatever happy memory that first pops into your mind....

    Okay, now will you sell that hour of your life to me for $7.00?    (No WAY!   Not for $70.00, or even $700.00!)

     Is this a good deal? ... You Bet! - for the EMPLOYER!     But it's NOT a good deal for You!     It's nothing close to a fair trade...

is that we trade our HOURS for DOLLARS

This is a part of Life...

As a friend once said "Work is the rent we pay for the space we take up on Earth".

This is a REALITY-CHECK of sorts.   Any person can feel like a WAGE-SLAVE after a while - if they ONLY get $$$ - and nothing else from their investment of time and hard work for an employer.

Yes, we all NEED to Work to Survive.

But what if you could make a better trade for your Hours?

    MAYBE you could work doing something you like to do, that you're really good at or that you enjoy...   Something that is personally fulfilling, meaningful, or that gives you personal satisfaction?    Wouldn't THAT be a better trade?


Everyone has a different set of SKILLS...

"Your Skills are a combination of the abilities that you were given at birth,
and the things you've learned to do while travelling along Life's path."

These SKILLS are what an Employer hires you for!


On - the - Job - Training
Volunteer Work
Daily Life
Family Business
Raising Kids

How To Identify or Match Your Skills to Specific Jobs:


   There are many versions of these tests available.     Look on the Golden Brick Road under Careers for some free or low-cost on-line examples.    You may also want to contact your local Community College, University Career Center, State Employment Security Department or area Workforce Investment Act partners for other available skills and career assessment tests.

How do they work?

   You simply Answer a Number of Questions (Yes-No or Multiple-Choice) about your work experience, life-interests, things you either like or don't enjoy.    Then the test generates a list of general fields, specific Job-Titles or Careers, that seem like a possible "Fit" for you.

    There will be some interesting stuff that comes up - some jobs may seem far-fetched, there may be some that you have already done, and maybe there will be some that would never have occurred to you without taking a Skills test.

Don't just blow them off if some of them sound strange at first, off-the-wall or "impossible".

Maybe your next Job or Career is right there - staring back at you - right in front of your nose!

My Own Story:

   I clearly remember taking my first "Skills Inventory" test...    It was at the local Community College Career Center.     As I was sitting in front of the computer, answering the list of questions, I remember thinking to myself; "Yea, this is going to be like an electronic Miss Cleo that will tell me my future!"    (Not at all sarcastic, am I)?

   At that point in my life, I had held over 25 jobs - Everything from doing a paper route as an 11-year old, to working construction or selling light bulbs, to being a staff Pastor at a large suburban Church.     Yet, of all those twenty-five jobs, I'd had only two that had really "fit" me as a person.     Only 2-out-of-25 jobs had ever really "paid me" in something other than just money.     By divine providence or sheer dumb luck these two had fallen into my lap.    Yet now, here I was approaching age 40, out of work, disenfranchised from the ministry, with a broken heart and no income.     I was having to start all over!

   ...At last the computer finally generated the skills interest printout, so I sat down to look it over.     To my absolute amazement and surprise, BOTH of the jobs I'd previously had that really "fit" me were listed among the top Five!     It was one of those "Twilight Zone" moments, almost surreal.     But it got my attention, and I set about seriously considering the other possibilities on that list of jobs.

Once you take a Skills Test, Do 3 Things:

1) Review your List, One Job at-a-time.

2) Compare your current Skills and Experience to what is required for that job

3) Ask Yourself; "What ELSE will I Need to Do THIS?"

Below is an Exercise I Highly Recommend

- Spend some time looking over your Skills Test's "Jobs or Career" List.

- Try to narrow it down to the Top 5 or 10 Jobs.

- Do NOT eliminate ANY JOB because you think it's "Impossible" for you...

- Next, do some research into what the Job Title or Field is all about.

    What is the work environment?    Is it outside or inside?    Mostly physical or head-work?   What hours and days are typical?   Are you working with the public, or dealing with facts, figures or technical items ...and on-and-on...

- Lastly, Ask Yourself; "What ELSE will I Need to Do THIS?", and list these "NEED-TO-DO's" for EACH of your "Top 10" Jobs...
(see example below)

"What ELSE Will I Need to Do THIS Job?":

Job#1. Need to Learn One Computer Program

Job#2. Take 3 Classes at Community College

Job#3. Get a State Occupational License

Job#4. Go through vocational training courses

Job#5. Get an AA, BS, or other College degree

Job#6. Practice keyboarding skills and speed

At last you have a working list of some good, clear job-matching possibilities!
You've got new direction and purpose, and a plan!
No more dead-end Jobs!   You're catching the vision!

Now Go Out There and
Get a Job USING Your Skills, DOING something that Matters to You!

Life's too short and Time is too precious for You not to...


But "What IF..."

...Getting to where you want to go requires getting your GED or a College Degree, attending a Vocational School, or obtaining other training???

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