Tutorials for Software and Online Training - the Wizard of Jobs

Tutorials for Software and Online Training

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs."
- Henry Ford

Tutorials for Software and Online Training

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Computer Basics Course online - GCF Global Learning

Computer Classroom

Computer Training - GCF Global Learning

Computer training courseware and e-learning

Computer Training Tutorial - For NEW Users

Computer Tutorials online - GCF Global Learning


   Easy Internet Tutorial - Senior Web

E-Mail Basics - Tutorial

Excel - Basic Tutorial

Excel - My Excel Pages - David McRitchie

Excel 2000

Excel 2000 Tutorial - FGCU Technology Skills

Excel 2003 Course Online - GCF

Excel add-in Utilities - free MS Excel tools

Excel Tutorial - Univ of South Dakota

  Find Tutorials.com - Search for Tutorials

Finding Information on the Internet - Tutorial

Free Computer and Internet Tutorials - ShortGuides.com


GED - Practice Quiz

Home Web Courses - Senior Web

How to Use the Internet - Tutorial

HTML - Interactive Beginners Tutorial [Dave's HTML Guide]

HTML Basics - Primer

HTML Crash Course

HTML Tutorial - Writing HTML

Internet Basics Course Online - GCF

    Internet Tips and Tricks - by the Wizard of Jobs    

Internet Tutorials


Job Searching on the Internet - Tutorial

Learn Internet Easy - Search the Web - SeniorWeb.org

Learn Spanish - Online Grammar Tutorial

Learn the Net - Tutorials


Microsoft Access 2000 Tutorial

Microsoft Access Tutorial

Microsoft Excel 2000 Tutorial

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Tutorial

Microsoft Lessons

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 tutorial

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 - Tutorial

Microsoft PowerPoint in the Classroom - Online Tutorial

Microsoft Publisher Tutorial

Microsoft Word - Templates and Tutorials

Microsoft Word 2000

Microsoft Word 2000 - Online Tutorials

Microsoft Word 2000 Tutorial

Microsoft Word XP Tutorial 2003-2002 - Baycon Group

Microsoft Word Tutorial - BC Schools

Microsoft Word Tutorial - Electric Teacher

Microsoft Word Tutorial - Learnthat.com

Microsoft Word Tutorials - MVP

MIT OpenCourseWare - 500 Free Courses online

MS Word Practice Modules - Internet4Classrooms.com

Office 2000 Tutorials

Online Training - Computer Software and MS Office Applications

Online Tutorials - Misc.

Online Tutorials - Resources and Links

Online Typing Test - TypingCertification.com


Photoshop 4.0 Tutorial

Powerpoint - MS OfficeTips

PowerPoint 2003 tutorial online - GCF

PowerPoint in the Classroom - Online Tutorial

PowerPoint Tutorial

PubMed Tutorial - Overview

Researching Companies Tutorial - Deb Flanagan


Search Engine Tutorials

Ten-Key Tutor

Typing Test - Free On-line - TypingMaster

Typing Test - Learn2Type.com

Typing Test Online - TypingTest.com

Typing Test Online - Typingpal.com

Typing Tutor - For Beginning Typists - Mr. Kent's Typing Tutor

TypingMaster - Free Online Typing Test

Using the Internet in Your Job Search


W3Schools - Online Web Building Tutorials

Word 2000 Tips and Tricks

Word 2003 Course Online - GCF

Word Tutorial - Electric Teacher

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