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First Job

"Our lives improve only when we risk taking chances.
And the first, most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.

- Walter Anderson

First Job

The Rainbow Always Brings You HOME!
..."As FAST as Lightning!"

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6 Secrets to Finding Your First Job

Adjusting To Your New Job

Back to Work - Re-entering the Workforce

College Recruiter - Entry Level Jobs - Students and Recent Grads

College Students - Advice and Information


Finding and applying for your first job - Help for Teens

Finding and Keeping Your First Job

Finding Your First Job

First Job - Common Questions and Ideas

First Job Do's and Don'ts

First Job - Making a Good Impression

First Job - Tips by Carol Kleiman

First Job - Tribune Media Services

First Jobs -

First Time Job Seeker


Getting that First Job - Jobcircle

Getting Your First Job

Getting Your First Job - PPA

How to find your first job

How To Land Your First Job - Parade Magazine


Job Corps

Jobs for the Future - For Youth

JobWeb - for New College Graduates


Make the Most of Your First Job

Military Career Center - Veteran Job Search

MsMoney - First Job Overview

National Youth Employment Coalition - Web Links

New Job or First Job

Office Etiquette Workshop


Preparing Teenagers for their First Summer Job

References - Getting Your First Job

Round Out Your Resume - First Job


Safety at Work for Young Mothers(.pdf)

Starting a New Job

Student Resume and Cover Letter Samples

Teens - Job Resource Links

Teen Job Search Tips

Teens - Job Resource Links

Ten Tips for Landing Your First Job

The Jobs Thesaurus

Volunteer Opportunities - VolunteerMatch


What Interests You?

What do you want to do with your life - 43 Things

Your First Job After College

Your first (real) job - MSN Money

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