Boomers and Beyond - Mature Workers Resources

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Boomers and Beyond
Mature Workers Resources

"It's never too late to be what you might have been"
- George Eliot

Mature Workers - Boomers and Beyond

The Rainbow Always Brings You HOME!
..."As FAST as Lightning!"

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  Ageism at the Interview

   Avoid Age Bias in the Workplace

   Ballpark Retirement Estimate

   BenefitsCheckUp - Online Screening Service - NCOA

   Employment for seniors - tips

   Facts About Retiring

   FirstGov for Seniors - Information Links

   National Council on the Aging - Web Resources

   Older People Resource Directory

   Resource Directory for Older People

   Senior Online Employment Resources

   Senior's Web Resources - NCOA

   US Administration on Aging (AoA)

   Why to Hire Seniors for your Company


10 Job Ideas for Older Workers

50 Ways to Save Our Children

7 Tips for Older Workers' Resumes

A Safe Trip Abroad - US State Dept. Publication

AARP - Online Retirement Calculator

AARP Site Map

AARP Webplace - Money and Work

Accessing Free Medication

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act

Administration on Aging - Fact Sheets

Advantages of an Older Workforce

After-50 Career Changes

Age Bias - Resume help for Seniors

Age Discrimination at Work

Age Discrimination Facts

Age Discrimination in Employment - with Links @ bottom of page

Age Discrimination in Employment - World NGO Forum

Age Discrimination Quiz

  Ageism at the Interview

Agencies on Aging and Seniors - Oregon

AgeSource Worldwide

American Memory - from the Library of Congress

America's Literacy Directory - Adults and Young Adults

Appliance repair manuals ONLINE for do it yourselfers

ASEC - Savings Resources

ASEC - Savings Tips

   Avoid Age Bias in the Workplace

A-Z Index of US Government Departments and Agencies

A-Z Resource List - Gov't Resources Online

Baby Boomers Study Abroad

Babyboomers Cafe

   Ballpark Retirement Estimate

Basic family budget calculator

Be Your Own Boss

   BenefitsCheckUp - Online Screening Service - NCOA

Best Companies for Older Workers

Best Places to Retire Finder

Best Practices for a Quality Age Diverse Workforce

Boomers Discover Age Bias

California - Senior Worker Advocate Office

Career Change and the Seasoned Worker

Chart - Older Population by Age, 1900 to 2050


Clinical Trials

Consider Boomeranging

Coral Calcium


Diversity and Inclusion Career Advice Features

Dollar Stretcher

Double Jeopardy - Women Working over 40

Drive-in Museum

Drug Information -

Eldercare Locator

Ellis Island - Genealogy Records Search

Employ People With Disabilities - California

   Employment for seniors - tips

Envisioning Retirement

Executive Age Bias

Experience Unlimited - California

Extend Your Retail Shelf Life

   Facts About Retiring

Family Finance and Consumer Issues - Online Publications

Family Safe Media - Family Entertainment - TVGuardian

Fast Food and Calories Info

Fifties Index - Oldies Music, Classic TV, Pop History

Fifties Web Christmas Index

   FirstGov for Seniors - Information Links

Five Ways to Work Longer and Happier

Free Hearing Test

Free Prescription Drug Program

Free Tax Return Preparation - by Volunteers


GardenGuides - Come Garden With Us

Get Computer Skills, Now!

Good Sam Club - Search for Government Benefits

Government Guide - Life Transitions Documents

Government Guide - Senior Citizens Benefits and Assistance

The Gray Ceiling - How Old is Too Old

Guard your Social Security number -

Guerrilla Job Hunting - Job Boards For Age 50+

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Health-Benefit Costs - Up, Up and Away

Health Information Links

Health Information - US Library of Medicine

HealthWeb - Health Info Links

Healthy Diabetic Recipes - Search for Eligibility

highway hi-fi

Hire an Older Worker - Article (.pdf)

Home Web Courses - Senior Web

Hospitality Jobs for Older Workers

Hot New Employment Trend - Older Workers

How to Protect Kids' Privacy Online

How to reduce fraudulent credit card transactions

How to Stay Relevant

Identity Theft Information - if someone opens a credit card in my name

Identity theft survival guide - Apr. 3, 2002 -

Is Another Degree Your Ticket to Management


Job and Career Resources for Mature Job Seekers

Job Search After 50 - The Five O'Clock Club

Job Search Tips for the Older HR Worker

Job Seekers Over 5O

Las Vegas - Cheapo Las Vegas

Library of Congress - Site Map

Life After the Classroom - Retiring After Teaching

Links Of Interest - Ya-Po-Ah Terrace - Seniors

Lucky Strike Extras - Song Page


Making Full Use Of The Maturing Workforce

Making the Most of What You Have (.PDF)

Medicare Rx Benefits Information - WebMD - Online Source of Discounted Medications

MedWeb - Emory U - Online Resources

National Council on the Aging - NCOA

   National Council on the Aging - Web Resources

National Obituary Archive (NOA)

NCOA - Workforce Development and Employment

Needy Meds - Prescription Assistance

NetVet - Veterinary Resource Links

Network for Good - Help Others and Help Yourself

New Work Realities and the Over 50 Worker

Newspapers Across the United States

Nutrition Calculator

Old Time Trains

   Older People Resource Directory

Older Workers in IT - 8 Tips

Older workers in the 21st century - Monthly Labor Review Online, June 1996

Older Workers Wanted

Older Workers: Your Turn Is Coming

Over 40 - Job-Search Helps

Overcome Ageism

Overqualified - or Age Discrimination?

Oversize Playing Cards - Download and print


Parents Television Council - Our Children Are Watching

Part-Time Working for Older Workers

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Positive Approach to Older Workers (.pdf)

Publications - Practical Helps - UW-Extension Cooperative

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Prostate Health website

Protecting Senior Citizens - FBI - Old Time Radio Shows

Remember When?

Recipes for Diabetics

Relocation - Choices and Planning

   Resource Directory for Older People

Resume Alternatives for Older Job Seekers

Retired or Excluded?

Retirement Calculator - How much can I save in my 401(k)?

Retirement - Companies Target Retiree Benefits

Retirement Income Calculator - T. Rowe Price

Retirement Income IQ Quiz - MetLife

Returning to Work After Retirement

Reverse Mortgages - age 62 and up - NRMLA

Reverse Phonebook, etc.

Rip-off -

Route 66 - Enjoy the Ride!


Safer Computing - Onguard Online (.pdf)

San Diego Model Railroad Museum


Self-Employment at Any Age

   Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) - US DOL

Senior Employment - Cost analysis of hiring seniors

Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance - Oregon

Senior Job Bank

Senior Job Search - Employment for people over age 50

Senior Worker - Pgms and Services - California

Seniors for Hire

   Senior's Web Resources - NCOA

Simple Loan Calculator - How Much Interest Will I Pay

Sitemap of Social Security Online

Social Security - Answers to Common Questions

Solitaire Central

SSI Contribution and Benefit Base

   SSI - Benefit Estimate with Quick Calculator

SSI - How to replace your lost Social Security Card

SSI - If someone else is using my Social Security number

Staying Marketable

Strategies for Spending Less (.PDF)

Supreme Court Age-Bias

Temp with a Purpose

Time - Official US Time

Time Capsule - On this date in History...

TIME Magazine Cover Search

   US Administration on Aging (AoA)

US Newpapers - by State - NewsLink

UW-Extension Cooperative Publications - Practical Helps


Ways to Work Longer and Happier

What do you want to do with your life - 43 Things

What you'll look like when you're older

Whatever happened to...

Which Bills to Pay First (.PDF)

Who's Alive and Who's Dead?

   Why to Hire Seniors for your Company

Write a Senior Citizen - Be a pen pal to a Senior!

Your Disease Risk - Harvard University

Younger Bosses, Older Workers - The Five O'Clock Club

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