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- Based on Harold Arlen's song; "If I Only Had a Heart",
from the movie "The Wizard Of Oz".

When a man is unemployed
He's easily annoyed
Each time they turn him down.
But I guess that he's presumin'
That the corporation’s human,
If they only had a heart…

They could try to be more gentle
Not treat me like I’m mental
Because I need a start.
I'd be thrilled with just a letter!
’Says the job, “You didn’t get her”,
If they only had a heart…

Picture me ... employee ...
Above a voice sings out low--

Wherefore art thou, Worker Joe?

Jump to my feet.
How sweet!

Just to work with strong emotion,
"Integrity," "devotion"
And really do my part.
I could do any duty if
If they’d only listen to me,
If they only had a heart…

- New Lyrics by the Wizard of Jobs, Himself!

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