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"Don`t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is, had to begin where he was."
- Richard L. Evans

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A Case of Unemployment - The Great Depression

About Unemployment Insurance - US DOL

ALL States Employment Security Depts

An Introduction to COBRA - Continuing Your Health Insurance Between Jobs

Appeals for Unemployment - Tips and Info - Tim's Law.com

   Applying for Unemployment Benefits

Average Oregon Unemployment Rates, 1980-2002 (.pdf)

California - Apply for Unemployment online

California Unemployment Insurance - Eligibility Requirements

California Unemployment Insurance - FAQ's

California Unemployment Insurance Application

Canada - Application for Unemployment Benefits

Civilian labor force and unemployment by state and selected areas, seasonally adjusted

Comparison of State Unemployment Laws

Current unemployment by state and selected areas


Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Domestic Violence Victims - State Unemployment Insurance Laws

Economic Policy Institute - Unemployment Information

Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance

Ex-servicemembers - Unemployment Compensation

Explanatory Article on Unemployment Compensation

Extended Benefits - Unemployment Insurance

   Extending Unemployment Benefits


Guide to Unemployment Insurance - Economic Policy Institute

Help for Unemployment - AFLCIO

How the Government Measures Unemployment

How to Collect Unemployment

   How to deal with Unemployment

How to Help your Unemployed Friend

How to Move Forward When You're Between Jobs


Job Seekers and Unemployed Links - U.S. Dept of Labor

Just fired - How to start your job search

Kentucky - Unemployment Insurance

Law Overview - Unemployment Compensation

Layoff Resources Links

Local Area (States) Unemployment Statistics - US BLS

Local Area Unemployment Statistics

Long-Term Unemployed Article - National Employment Law Project

   Losing Your Unemployment Insurance - Beehive Jobs


Maine Unemployment Benefits

Map for Unemployment Information - Click on Your State

Maryland Office of Unemployment Insurance

Mo. Report - BLS - by state and selected industry, not seasonally adjusted

Nevada - Unemployment Insurance Benefits

New York - Unemployment Insurance Benefits Online

Oregon - Online Unemployment Claims


Qualifying for Unemployment Benefits

Requalifying for Unemployment - Nat'l Employment Law Project

Return to School Via the TUI Program - Oregon


Self Employment Assistance Program - DE, ME, MD, NJ, NY, OR, PA

State and Regional Unemployment Percentage List

State by State Unemployment - CNN.com

State Unemployment Insurance Benefits

State Unemployment Insurance - Resources for Workers

Texas - Unemployment Insurance Benefits Claim Information

Tracking the Long-Term Unemployed and Discouraged Workers

UI Program Information - Benefits

Unemployment - Concise Encyclopedia of Economics - Lawrence H. Summers

Unemployment Financial Help - Last Resort, Tapping Your IRA

Unemployment Insurance - Articles and Resources

Unemployment Issue Guide

   Unemployment - Listed by State   

Unemployment - Office of Workforce Security

   Unemployment Rates by State - New Mexico DOL

Unemployment - US Map - Office of Workforce Security

Unemployment info - Small Business Administration

Unemployment Insurance in Oregon

Unemployment Insurance Online - WA

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report

  Unemployment Resources - Listed by State   

Unemployment tips - How to make money when you're between jobs


   Weekly Unemployment Benefits Calculator

Weekly Unemployment Insurance Claims Report - ETA Press Release

Weekly UI Claims Reports - US DOL

Wikipedia - Unemployment Article

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