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Re-entry Resources

"If you don`t risk anything, you risk even more."
- Erica Jong, Author

Re-entry Resources

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Apprenticeship Links - US Nationwide

Back to Work - Re-entering the Workforce

Career Changers

Career Exploration - America's Career InfoNet

Career Tools

CareerBabe - Career Advisor for Online Job Search

Certification Finder

Childcare Resources -


Disability, Illness, Injury or Surgery - Job Re-entry




Moms at Work - Web Resources,

Motherhood - How much is it worth?



Plan Your Re-entry into the Job Market - Business Report

Re-Entering the Workforce - After a Divorce

Re-entering the Workforce - by MetLife

Re-entering the Workforce - MS Money

Resources for Individuals in Job Transition

Resume Examples for Re-entry


Senior Job Search - Employment for people over age 50

Starting Over - How to Re-enter the Job Market - CareerSite

Stay-At-Home Mom Nervous About Reentering Workforce -

Tips for Re-entering the workforce - CNN Money

Tips for workforce re-entry - CNN - May 11, 2001

Transferable Job Skills

Transferable Skills and their Importance


Will You Be Re-Entering the Workforce

Women - Careers and Jobs

Women re-entering the workforce

Women Work! - National Directory of Online Resources

Women's Bureau Home Page - US DOL

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