Keystroke Shortcuts

for Microsoft Word

Text Attribute or Function                                                 Keystrokes

All capital letters                                                                  Ctl-Shift-A

Close document                                                                  Ctl-W

Double underline                                                                Ctl-Shift-D

­Go to end of page                                                               Ctl-End

­Go to start of page                                                              Ctl-Home

Hanging indent                                                                    Ctl-T

Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 styles                         Ctl-Alt-1, 2, 3

Increase/decrease space between paragraphs          Ctl-0 (zero)

Indent entire paragraph                                                    Ctl-M

Normal style  (change from current style)                     Ctl-Shift-N

Open new document                                                          Ctl-N

Remove all paragraph formatting                                    Ctl-Q

Remove applied character formatting                            Ctl-Space

Remove hanging indent                                                    Ctl-Shift-T

Remove paragraph indent                                                Ctl-Shift-M

­Save document                                                                   Ctl-S

Select all on page                                                               Ctl-A

Small capital letters                                                            Ctl-Shift-K

Subscript                                                                              Ctl-= (equal sign)

Superscript                                                                          Ctl-Shift-+ (plus sign)

­Undo last keystroke                                                           Ctl-Z

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