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As Background Checks Proliferate, Ex-Cons Face A Lock On Jobs

Background Check - Credit Report Check - Is it Legal?

Background checks - Virtual Gumshoe

Bail Laws

Bar Associations

Barriers to People with Felony Convictions - Links

Bonds 4 Jobs - Espanol

Correctional Education - LINCS Special Collection

Corrections Connection

Corrections Links - Corrections Connection

Criminal Background Check - Resources by State

Criminal Histories - Virtual Gumshoe

Criminal Offenders Statistics - Bureau of Justice Statistics

Criminal Records Laws - Alaska - LAC

Criminal Records Laws - California - LAC

Criminal Records Laws - Oregon - LAC

Criminal Records Laws - Washington - LAC

Criminal Records Public Records Directory - SearchSystems.net


Departments of Corrections Links - Virtual Gumshoe

Drivers' License Suspended - peoples-law.org

Eleven myths about hiring ex-offenders

Ex-felons see criminal records as a 'life sentence'

Ex-Offenders - Information Links

Expungements - Legal Services

Family Law Center

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bonding Program - Bonds 4 Jobs

Federal Bonding Program - Q and A's (.pdf)

Federal Bonding Program - Tech Info

Federal and National Reentry Resources

Federal Cure - Inmate Advocacy

Federal Inmate Locator - BOP


Helping Low-Income Mothers With Criminal Records

Helping Parents with Criminal Records Find Employment

Hiring ex-offenders can benefit companies

Inmate Locator - Bureau of Prisons (BOP)

Inmate Search

Instant Driving Records - Criminal Records - References-etc.com

International Network of Prison Ministries


Jubilee Prison Ministries - Eugene, Oregon, USA

Justice Information Network - Related Links of Interest

Juvenile Justice Links


National H.I.R.E. Network - for Ex-Felons

National Registry Alert - Sexual Predator Report

No Second Chance - One Strike Housing Policies in the USA

Offender Employment Links - National Institute of Corrections

Offender Job Retention - National Institute of Corrections(.pdf)

Offender Services - Online Library

Online Library - National Institute of Corrections


Prison Fellowship - Opportunities for Involvement

Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative (pdf) - USDOL

Project Return - Breaking the Cycle of Crime

Re-entry Process for Female Ex-offenders (.pdf)

Re-Entry Resource Links - for Ex-Felons - LAC

Roadblocks to Employment for Ex-Felons - LAC


Search For Offenders - Vinelink

Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification

Sex Offender State Registry Web Sites - FBI

State Legal Barriers for Ex-Felons - Laws by State - LAC

State Reentry Resources

True Crime and Justice Web site

US Sentencing Commission

Virtual Gumshoe - Investigative Resources Directory


Work in American Prisons - Joint Ventures with the Private Sector (.pdf)

Work in American Prisons - Joint Ventures with the Private Sector

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Young Offenders - Youth Development

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