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People forget how fast you did a job - but they remember how well you did it"
- Howard Newton

Why use a Skills-Based Resume?
To Most Effectively Market Yourself to Employers!

The area below is at the top of the Resume, and is called the Header

(Make your Name Large and Bold,
so Employers will notice and Remember you.)

(Although Employers usually call or E-mail to schedule Interviews,
you will still need to list your Address.)

Phone Number
(WHICH Phone Number finds you the fastest?
Your Home phone, a Message number, your Work phone, or your Cell?...
Use THAT One !)

E-Mail Address
(Include your E-Mail Address ONLY IF you check it DAILY!
Don't blow your chance by being slow to respond!)

The next area (below) is called the Body

   I. Objective

    In ONE Sentence:

       1. Use THEIR Exact Job-Title.

       2. List your Better-than-Average Skill(s)
           FOR THAT EXACT JOB!

   II. Skills

        1. Summary of Computer skills, list same/similar programs, etc.

        2. Summary of Equipment, list same/similar types, kinds, etc.

        3. Summary of Customer Service

        4. Summary of ...

   III. Work History

     1. ONLY list : Who, Where, When* and Job Title.

     2. No Duties!

   IV. Related Experience

   (* Note: Add this category ONLY if Neccessary or Important to list additional experience to qualify for that specific Job Opening).

   List Name of Company, City and State, then Job Title.

   You may choose to NOT list actual years or dates, just the amount of time you worked.

   Here you can list Older Work Experience, Applicable Volunteerism, Work Study, Internships, etc.

   V. Education

     List your Highest LEVEL of Education or College Degree here.

     ONLY list the YEAR of Completion or Graduation IF this was in the last 10 years!

     *(Note: Generally, It's BEST to NOT list ANY dates ANYWHERE on your Resume beyond 10 years ago)...

The section below is optional, and is no longer considered neccessary


   "Old School" thought was to include the words;

"References Available upon Request".

   Current practices are to omit this section altogether, and to prepare a separate "References" sheet.

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