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Personal Security

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Personal Security

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10 ways to protect your ID - MSNBC

22 ways to foil credit card thieves - MSN Money

Ad-Aware SE Personal - Adware Removal Software - Lavasoft

Common Fraud Scams

Computer Crime in the USA

Consumer Education - Identity Theft Coach

Consumer Information - FTC

Consumer Sentinel - FTC - Fraud and ID Theft


Dealing with Creditors - FTC

Disaster Preparedness - American Red Cross

Employment-at-Will - What it Really Means

Employment Scams

Equifax Credit Report

Experian - Credit Report and Score

FBI Resources for Victims of Crime

Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination: Q's and A's

Federal Trade Commission on ID Theft - Prepared Statement

FEMA - Are You Ready - Guide to Citizen Preparedness

FEMA - Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit

Foiling Credit Card Fraud

Free Antivirus online - Pandasoft


Guarding your Identity

Homeland Security - Department of Homeland Security DHS

ID Theft and You - Booklet (.pdf)

Identity Cards - FAQ's

Identity Cards - Frequently Asked Questions

Identity Theft Booklet - FDIC(pdf)

Identity Theft - free tips, tools and information

Identity Theft - Helpful Tips

Identity Theft - The Police Notebook

Identity Theft - What to Do

Identity Theft Complaint Form - FTC - Federal Trade Commission

   Identity Theft Help - Wizard of Jobs Article   

Identity Theft Information

Identity Theft Links - Virtual Gumshoe

Identity Theft Protection -

Identity Theft Protection Checklist

Identity Theft Resource Center

Identity theft strikes 1 in 8 adults - FTC

Identity Theft Survival Guide

If You Lose Your Purse Or Wallet

Internet Fraud Complaint Center

Internet Fraud Schemes - FBI

Internet ScamBusters


Job-Searching - Tips to Protect Yourself - FTC

Justice Information Network - Related Links of Interest

Laptop Theft - Avoid Becoming a Victim

Lost Wallet Or Purse - PC Today Article


MSNBC - Online job listing an ID theft scam

NetOpportunities - FTC Fake Scam Ad


Personal Safety - The Police Notebook

'Phishing' Scams Reel in your Identity

Pop-Up Stopper, Online Privacy and Anti-Spam Software Downloads

Preventing Identity Theft

Privacy on the 'Net - Resources - Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Privacy Rights

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - Fact Sheets

Privacy Survival Guide

Protecting Senior Citizens - FBI

Rip-off -


SAFER Web - Safety Information for Commercial Carriers

Spybot Search and Destroy - Review and free download at

Take Charge - Fighting Back Against Identity Theft

The Seedy Side of Security - by Fred Cohen

The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments (IRS.pdf)

Tips for Avoiding Computer Crime

Top Ten Dot CONS - FTC

TransUnion - Credit reports

US passport - Proof of Identity Instructions


What to do when your ID's been stolen - MSNBC

Work-at-Home Schemes - FTC

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