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      Like many other Internet web designers, I strongly believe in a No-Cost Internet, and so I basically offer my work for free.

      Still, it takes an incredible amount of time and money to continue building and maintaining this website!    It took over four years just to build the Wizard of Jobs, and it takes countless hours a month to update the more than 5,000 links and to add more content to what's here.    There are also webhosting costs, software costs, computer equipment costs, and all the normal costs it takes to run a small business... plus I need to eat, pay my rent and bills, and cover all of my other daily life expenses - just like you...

      What I am hoping is, that through the generousity of people like You, many small donations can eventually free me to devote myself to work on the Wizard of Jobs full-time.

Even though I use the word "donation", any money given is NOT tax-deductible; since the Wizard of Jobs is not a non-profit or charitable corporation, or an IRS qualified 501c3 organization.    Your Donations are voluntary payments to support the ongoing work of the Wizard of Jobs.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Wizard of Jobs and want your money back, or if someone has misused your your credit card or your PayPal account in donating to the Wizard of Jobs, please contact the
Webmaster at:   within 60 days of the donation.     Sorry, but after 60 days, it will not be possible to refund any monies given.

      Thanks So Much for Your Support!


You may also Donate by Mail
Send a check or money order to:

the Wizard of Jobs
PO Box 7651
Eugene, Oregon   97401-0024

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